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We create online stores prestashop modules web applications tailored to customer needs.

We have many years of experience, constantly looking for new inspirations,
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What We Offer

PHP Development

We create custom made website applications. Our solutions guarantee great scalability, easy access and high security. Our applications make processes efficient, reduce costs and cut down task implementation time. The example being the training services application. The application stores data concerning the training, the board of examiners and training groups. With just a few clicks the user can print the whole training documentation. The program is available through an Internet browser, no installation or purchase of additional licence is necessary. Check the price

Prestashop Development

You need to insert an additional script into the selected pages of your store? You have to create an unusual subpage? You want to add a message for selected customers in a shopping cart? You wander how to submit additional variables to the advertising system? You have an idea how to increase sales by modifying the store operation? You are not interested in a separate module, you want to introduce modifications directly into the store script? Contact us. We will adjust a standard Prestashop script so that it would suit your needs. Check the price

Prestashop Module Development

Lightbox with a newsletter registration form? An EU Cookie Law Compliance message? Additional banners to advertise special offers? Unusual promotions in the shopping cart? Product export to XML? A module to integrate the store and the advertising system? These are the functionalities that will increase conversion and optimize the costs in our clients’ shops. Are interested in creating your own module or adjusting the existing one? Check the price .

Come and visit our ready made prestashop modules shop prestashop modules shop

Prestashop Server

Prestashop can be installed on various servers, starting from the basic, shared servers through dedicated servers to the solutions in the Cloud. Preparation of e-Commerce infrastructure is a never ending story. We have told it many times. We offer preparation of infrastructure tailored to the needs of a Prestashop online store. Check the price

Prestashop Tuning

As the holiday season approaches, a question appears; won’t the store server go down? Loading the online store pages usually involves hundreds of calls to the database server in order to receive necessary information e.g. concerning products availability. WWW server uses the data to provide the customer with a dynamic page. We optimize Prestashop reliability and its fast operation. Check the price

Prestashop support

We offer technical support at Prestashop installation, configuration and modification. We also support the store business configuration (Back Office). Starting from the primary settings to the advanced script parameters. If you wish, we are ready to conduct a training session on a chosen scope of Prestashop operation. Check the price

Prestashop Integration

Integrating Prestashop store with CRM / ERP / Accounting /Warehouse. Check the price

Prestashop PSD2THEME

Cutting the template and adjusting it to Prestashop. Check the price

Prestashop Migration

Store transfer between servers. Check the price

Who We Are

We are Gdansk, Poland based web development and web-design company, specializing in PHP development. We have been operating since 2006, incubated by Gdański Park Naukowo-Technologiczny. We gained experience by cooperating with BBK company (former LPP Tex), the owner of Home&You and aTab brands, who has over 100 shops located across Poland as well as online stores accessible at home-you.com and a-tab.com.pl.
We invite you to use our services.

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